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Top 5: Longest Confirmed Sniper Kills

Long distance shooting has been around for as long as there have been guns. From black powder rifles all the way up to the modern sniper rifle, people have always competed to see who is the most accurate over the longest distance. But these distances have evolved and grown with each new era of rifle.

Just a few hundred years ago, hitting a target 100-200 yards away was considered to be a 'God-tier' level of skill, while today, a well-trained marksmen can consistently hit their mark from over a mile away. Today we will dive into a list of people who have truly defined what is means to be a long distance sniper, and see how they made the longest sniper shots of all time.

#5 - Sergeant Brian Kremer: 2,515 yd

Nationality: United States Date: March 2004 Rifle: Barrett M82A1 (M107) Round: .50 BMG Conflict: Iraq War

Sergeant Brian Kremer's shot narrowly landed him the 5th position on this list, but at 1.43 miles has nonetheless landed him in the record books. With a single pull of the trigger, Kremer secured the longest confirmed kill in Operation Iraqi Freedom, the longest confirmed kill using a Berrett M82A1, and the longest confirmed kill by an American sniper.

#4 - Master Corporal Aaron Perry: 2,526 yd


#3 - Corporal Rob Furlong: 2,657 yd

Nationality: Both from Canada Date: Both in March 2002 Rifle: Both used the McMillan Tac-50 Cartridge: .50 BMG Conflict: War in Afghanistan (Both were team members during Operation Anaconda)

During Operation Anaconda in March 2002, Master Corporal Aaron Perry was deployed to Afghanistan to lay some hate. During a few days span, Perry's team stacked up over 20 kills, one of which was an astounding 1.43 mile shot taken by Perry himself, securing his title as the longest confirmed kill of all time.

Unfortunately, this record only stood for a few days until Perry's teammate, Corporal Rob Furlong, cracked off another incredible shot, topping Perry's original record by over 100 yards, setting a record that would hold strong for the next 7 years.

#2 - Corporal Of Horse Craig Harrison: 2,707 yd

Nationality: United Kingdom Date: November 2009 Rifle: Accuracy International L115A3 Cartridge:.338 Lapua Conflict:War in Afghanistan

Holding down the second spot since 2009 is Corporal Of Horse Craig Harrison. For those of us not familiar with the British Army ranking system, it is a similar rank to a Sergeant in the United States military. Harrison made his shot of 2,707 yards, or about 1.53 miles, in November 2009 when engaging a Taliban machine gun team in the Helmand Province.

To give an idea of how good of a shot Harrison actually is, he dropped the first Taliban member wielding the mounted machine gun at 2,707 yards, waited for another enemy to take his place, then dropped him too. That's right. Harrison sent two rounds down range at over a mile and half, and both hit their intended targets.

#1 - Unnamed Canadian Sniper: 3,871 yards

Nationality: Canada Date: May 2017 Rifle: McMillan Tac-50 Cartridge:.50 BMG Conflict: War Against ISIS

I don't know what they are putting in the water up north, but there's something going on in the Canadian sniper ranks, and I want in. This unnamed Canadian sniper gunned down a member of ISIS in 2017 at a blistering 3,871 yards. That's over 1,000 yards further than our runner up, Craig Harrison.

To give you a better idea of how much further 1,000 yards is, take a look at this picture of the 1,000 yard range at Harry Jones's Memorial Gun Club. Craig Harrison's shot would have landed at the firing line after already traveling 2,707 yards, an amazing feat, undoubtedly.

But on one glorious day in 2017, the Grim Reaper himself woke up, laced up his boots, grabbed his McMillan Tac-50, and sent a round an extra 1,000 yards to end some ISIS fucker's life. Now that is a dedicated round.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this article as much as I have enjoyed writing it. For everyone in our nation's military, and everyone in the ranks of our Canadian brothers, we thank you for your service. Keep training, keep fighting, and keep deploying freedom one round at a time.