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Bulk workout plan

So you want to get big? I'm sure all the guys in the gym have been telling you, "Gotta do 5 sets of 5 heavy man!", "It's all about lifting heavy to build bulk!" "Heavy weight, lift it, ya!" Well they are all wrong. I have been lifting for sports since I was 12 years old and let me tell you what has actually worked (for me) to build size.

Before we start, make sure you are taking pictures of yourself each day to see your progress. It's EXTREMELY important to track of your progress to you can stay motivated.

The trick here is that you need to stress your muscles in a way that triggers growth progress. The key word here is progress. I like to call this system the progressive system, because you need to progressively get heavier with less reps. Let me explain.

*This workout assumes you lift each muscle group one time per week: chest, legs, back, shoulders, arms*

In week 1 you start with 20 reps (yes 20) at about 65% of your max. So if you bench 225lb as your max, you should do 4 sets of 20 reps of 145 lb. Apply this same concept to 3 chest lifts, Flat bench, incline bench, cable fly's. Then finish the workout with 4 sets of 50 pushups. This will cause the chest to become extremely sore as you are increasing the time under stress for the muscle group.

In week 2 you should move to 15 reps at about 70% of your max.

In week 3 you should move to 12 reps at 75% of your max.

In week 4 you should move to 8 reps at 85% of your max.

What this type of workout does is it causes your muscle to grow as the weight increases in a more progressive way. The muscle literally are under more and more stress each week so they must grow to keep up with the growth in weight.

In week 5 you should move back to 20 reps but now at 70% of your max. I call this moving up the floor. This allows your muscles to redefine what light weight feels like.

In week 6 you should move to 15 reps at about 75% of your max.

In week 7 you should move to 12 reps at 80% of your max.

In week 8 you should move to 8 reps at 90% of your max.

After you have completed 8 weeks of this type of workout, you need to take 2 weeks and do some other workout to reset your body. I like to shift to circuit style training for the 2 week gap to keep my cardio in shape.

Nutrition is also a large part of growth, but since we will cover that in a separate article, I'm just going to say, make sure you get 1g of protein a day per lb of bodyweight. So if I weight 200lbs, then I need 200g of protein a day.