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Chest Exercises for the Bold...

Bench, bench, and more bench. That's what is usually done for chest, but let me throw a few new things at you that you might want to try...

Long Barbell Fly

This first one is some next level shit, so don't try this if you're not battle tested. Weight on the bar doesn't matter here, just make sure the plates are large enough that you can get into a deep pushup (25lb plates work well)

(also these videos aren't of me.)

Pause Bench

Ok so don't lie, you're going to keep benching anyway so here is a bench variation you can do to get a bit more out of those endless bench sets your doing. In this exercise you actually don't let the bar touch your test. Yep you heard me, all the endless, "Touch your chest, BITCH!" taunting just went out the window. What you do here is bring the bar down ALMOST to your chest, then hold the bar about an inch from your chest for a 2 count, and press back up. Start with lighter weight as this will be harder than normal bench.

(this guy doesn't go quite low enough, but you get the point. Also love that he is using crossfit plates to look bigger...)

Feet up Bench

If you thought the pause bench was tough, wait till you try this one. You're probably saying "I don't use my legs for bench anyway." Well that's bullshit. You'll soon realize with your feet up that you further isolate your chest and will build a larger chest faster. You'll also protect your lower back. Again start lighter here.