• Elite Gentleman

Custom suits...bulletproof suits...

Custom suits are the medieval equivalent to a suit of armor. Just like the knights and kings would go into battle, you go into battle in the boardroom trying to gain ground in a business deal. Maybe it's winning that extra 1% commission in a negotiation, or maybe it's asserting your dominance when a business decision is being made. A custom suit can actually help you win. A custom suit says to everyone in the room, "This guy knows what he is doing." The suit allows those around you to perceive you as someone of power and importance.

Also when you get a custom suit made, you can pick EVERYTHING. Fabric, color, pocket type, pocket size, pocket position, button type, button position, lining of the jacket. Want a bulletproof material sewn in? Go for it.

Now don't get me wrong, if you're 5'8" and 400lbs, a custom suit isn't going to help you, what might help you is our fitness blog. Never the less, what once you are in fighting shape, go out and get yourself a custom suit. I have 2 custom suits made in NYC by Enzo's for just $700 each. That's pretty damn good for a custom suit.