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How to do Nashville...Top 5 picks

I just took a trip down to Nashville for a wedding and it quickly became one of my favorite cities. Nashville is basically a southern city full of nice midwestern people who love to drink and listen to country music. Let me just say it brought out the country boy in me. Here's a few things I loved about Nashville:

5. Thompson Hotel

This is the best fucking hotel in Nashville hands down. It is nestled in the Gulch area which has some amazing restaurants I'll mention below. Also a few locals told me they see celebrities in this hotel all the time. The place has awesome rooms, and a private rooftop bar that has a great view of the city and a solid party on Friday and Saturday night if you're looking for some exclusivity (must be hotel guest).

Omni Nashville (honorable mention)

Another great place to stay if you want to be closer to the action than the Thompson. This place has an amazing entrance, great gym, and a rooftop pool / hot tub. Also doesn't hurt that it's connected to the country music hall of fame and within walking distance to Broadway which is the party hub in Nashville.

4. Boot country, buy 1 get 2 free

Looking for some cowboy boots? Well maybe not, but once you get to nashville you'll find out that cowboy boots are a way off life. Best place to get these boots is to go as a group to Boot Country. This fucking place has buy 1 and get 2 free. Ya the first pair are about 50% overpriced, but if you do it right the other 2 can really get you a solid deal here. So grab to friends and get your inner rodeo going.

Kittenish (Jessie James Decker) (honorable mention)

A personal favorite of those basic bitches is Kittenish. A new store by Jessie James Decker. This fucking place only opened a week before I got there and it was completely full when I went with my girl. She basically pissed her pants with excitement upon walking in. Great for all you guys looking to surprise your girl with some basic bitch know how.

3. Kid Rock Bar (party)

Wondering what the best bar is on broadway? That would be the Kid Rock bar. It's a constant party with live music all the time and a baller second floor balcony over watching the massive dance floor. Great place to get fucked up and have a rowdy time.

Biscuit Love (honorable mention)

This breakfast place gets a line starting at 8am that doesn't stop till 1pm. And it's an hour long line... This place is well known in Nashville and on almost every list. I was not impressed with their breakfast, but I did love the biscuit donuts they make which were next level.

2. Milk and Honey

This place was my favorite breakfast place in all of Nashville, yes even better than Biscuit Love. Milk and Honey had a full bar, and some seriously kickass biscuit egg sandwiches. They also had the best juices for hangovers I've ever had (which was very necessary after the wedding reception). Gotta go there for a hangover cure and get the gingeraide juice. It will bring you back to fighting shape.

1. Acme Seed and Feed

I was crazy skeptical about this place as it's on the end of Broadway and looks like an abandoned factory...but it's fucking awesome. Second floor is a casual dining spot that looks like they went to a college town yard sale and bought every couch they could find and some random tables. enjoy sitting deep into a leather coach, while eating the best food you've had in Nashville. Also you gotta try the Godzilla roll. Literally the best sushi I've ever had in my life...even better than Miami, Palm Beach, NYC, etc.