• Elite Gentleman

Inside Delta Force by Eric L. Haney

Learn how one of the most elite teams in the world was formed. This book walks you through the creation of the Delta Force which is an elite special operations team for the army. Delta are the guys who typically fast rope into a heavily guarded house to take out or capture a high value target. Violence of Action.

This book also does a great job explaining the test these guys have to pass in order to join this elite force. The test is designed to keep the guys in a constant state of chaos and uncertainty...note that different from war and the scenarios these guys face.

One of the coolest notes in this book is when they describe the "kill house" training where the team practices assaulting a target building. They must shoot rounds within inches of hostages in order to take out the bad guys. Amazing to learn how these guys train to fire those life saving shots. This book is a must read for anyone who enjoys learning about being a badass.

Here's a cool video of Delta and Polish spec ops practicing for an assault in a "kill house".