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Looking to grow muscle? -> Diet for Muscle Growth

If you're looking to bulk up this winter, or if you already started and your having some trouble bulking up, take a look at the following food intake plan and the bulk workout plan we posted.

First, I have completed this workout plan and food intake plan with great success (20 lbs in 2.5 months). Now this is not all lean muscle. You will gain fat, but you will also gains loads of muscle and strength. This is a pure bulk plan, and intended to last 8 to 12 weeks, then be followed by a 4-8 week cutting cycle (we will post the cutting when we get there).

Let's get into it. The food intake plan is simple, but can be a challenge. Your overall goal is to take in at minimum 200 grams of protein. Some of you right now are thinking, "200g of protein! How the fuck do I know how much that is?" Here's the trick, go download this: Apple or Android.

This app allows you to track your calorie intake so you can roughly know how much protein you're taking in. Now you don't have to be exact with it. Just use some Kentucky Windage and get yourself close. Next question your probably asking is "How the hell do I eat 200g of protein a day? Is that a shit load" Yes. Yes it is a shitload, but that's what grows muscle. Here's how I do it: Meal 1 (6:45 AM) - RX Bar - Water


- Weight lifting

Meal 2 (8:15 AM) - Bagel with Peanut Butter - Isopure Protein Shake 2 servings (50g protein) (Dutch chocolate is the best flavor) Meal 3 (Noon) - 5 Eggs - Hashbrowns - Peppers / Green smoothie Meal 4 (3 pm) - Apple - Trail mix WORKOUT 2 (5 pm) - Light Cardio (30 mins, boxing / biking / rowing) Meal 5 (6pm)

- 8oz chicken (what's 8oz?)

- Potatoes or Rice Meal 6 (8:45pm) - Isopure Protein Shake 2 servings (50g protein) SLEEP (9:45pm) Total Protein: ~210g Total Calories: ~2,292