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My Current Morning Smoothie

Disclaimer: First, I'm not a doctor, so this is all just my opinion. You should consult a doctor before trying anything I talk about here.

I typically drink this shake right after I workout in the morning (workout at 7am, drink this shake around 8am). If you workout in the morning it's important to get this shake into your system within 30 mins of completing your workout to increase its effectiveness. So let's get into what goes into this shake...

Beet powder

What the fuck? Why am I putting beet powder into my shakes. Well I'll tell you why. Beets increase nitric oxide production in your body. Nitric oxide helps your body carry more blood and therefore oxygen to your muscles allowing for improved workout ability and improved recovery. Nitric oxide also reduces blood pressure which can help you relax if you're tense. Ya nitric oxide is awesome, and beets are a nice natural way to get that nitric oxide. You can buy it here.

Isopure Protein

Obviously I start off with a solid source of protein. Isopure is awesome as it is very low carb with high amount of protein and amino acids. You can buy it here.


Yep another weird tree hugger ingredient, but this shit works. You may have heard of Turmeric though. Turmeric helps your body reduce inflammation, which as we know is extremely important for recovery. You can buy it here.


Though you're likely trying to lose fat, you still need some clean fats. MCT oil is a great way to get those healthy fats early in the morning and teach your body it doesn't need to store fat because you're going to give it fat on a daily basis. You can buy it here.

Vegetable powder

Hate eating your veggies? Great way to get those veggies without chewing on broccoli. You can buy it here.

Rhodiola Rosea

"Oh boy, now this guy really is a wholistic weirdo." Don't knock it till you try it. This stuff really helps with energy, and anxiety. You can buy it here.

Mixed Frozen Berries

Now let's make this thing taste good and get some sugars in our system to help transport the protein to the muscles.

Crunchy Jif Peanut Butter

Now let's make this thing taste even better while also adding more protein.

Almond Milk

Well you gotta blend it into something and almond milk is a good source of calcium that isn't too heavy.

Approximate Macros (if you care)

Protein 37g

Fat 34g

Carbs 41g

Calories 617