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Every situation is winnable, because you can win it in your mind. This book is unbelievable. (Honestly all of Brandon Webb's stuff is amazing). If you feel like you are spinning your wheels; or you have been doing good, but not great for a while, here is a book to take you to the next level. This book will help you expand your mind into the possibilities lingering underneath your day to day tasks.

Right now your potential is probably being buried under a mountain of emails, tasks, and meetings. You need to reduce this clutter and focus on just one ultimate goal, totally. Total Focus. Paraphrased from what Brandon says in the book, when he is talking to another successful business man about all of the wonderful things Brandon is involved in, the successful business man says to him, "Wow you're a mess." This is shocking at first because when you hear Brandon list out all of the successful ventures he is involved in you're like "fuck ya, this guys a machine." What you realize at this point though is that if you take all the effort you have scattered across the large number of ventures, and you focus on just one venture, then you'll go from being good to being exceptional. The issue is letting go of all the other ventures and focusing on just one.

For letting go of the other ventures, Brandon tells a story about how monkeys are trapped in Africa. The hunter digs a hole and places a coconut at the bottom of the hole. Then the hunter leaves just enough space at the top of the hole for the monkey to reach it's hand in. When the Monkey reaches into the hole it grabs the coconut, but at this point it's hand is too large to pull out of the hole...All the monkey has to do to be free is let go of the coconut...but it won't do it. How about you? Will you let go of the coconut?

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