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P226 MK25 shoot like a Navy S.E.A.L....Or at least close...

I've shot a number of handguns in my life and not one of them can compare to the Sig Sauer P226 MK25. This gun was designed for the Elite Navy S.E.A.L. teams and it shows. The P226 I shot was chambered in 9mm and the recoil was limited. I was easily able to double tap the trigger, placing rounds within a few inches of one another. Trigger pull is extremely smooth almost to to the level of a match shooting gun. Gun is also tested to be durable, boasting that it can send over 3,000,000 rounds down range

One and only drawback I could find for the gun is that it doesn't have a safety and the warrior who wields it must rely on the double action as his safety.

Blackhawk Down


This particular Sig will set you back about a cool $1,187 if purchased directly from sig here