• Benny the Jet

The Perfect Loafer Doesn't exi.....

Finding the perfect pair of loafers is almost as impossible as finding bigfoot! Some claim to have found him, plenty of people have gone looking for him, but all we have are some blurry pictures and a few personal accounts.. Until now!! Thanks to Huckberry.com, I have the Bigfoot of Loafers... wait... that didn't come out right. Screw it this damn metaphor, I found the best damn loafers money can buy.


Smash the link and you too can be a believer in one of the oldest myths of the modern world! These shoes are not only slick, stylish, and so damn versatile that you only need one pair of shoes, but they are also extremely well made! Straight from a fourth generation family shoe factory in Italy, with not a single corner being cut in the process of making such a thing of beauty.

I will warn you though, they do not come in half sizes, so you want to order a size down! They run a little big. Enjoy!