• Benny the Jet

Timeless Fall Jacket

The best time to wear a striped sweater may be all the time, but eventually it gets too cold, windy, or rainy for just a sweater. When that happens, every gentleman needs a go-to, universal, and timeless jacket hanging in their closet. Elite Gentleman's Jacket of Choice? The Barbour Jacket.

The Barbour Jacket is a waxed canvas light jacket, usually lined by flannel layer. It has ample yet stylish pocket space with two lined pockets just below your chest; perfect for keeping your hands warm. The collar is usually a corduroy and looks as bad ass popped as it does lying flat.

Our preference for Barbour Jackets is going with Orvis's Classic Beaufort. (https://www.orvis.com/p/barbour-classic-beaufort-jacket/12ep)

You can always count on Orvis for well made, quality pieces! But honestly this jacket is so damn stylish that can't really go wrong with whichever one you go with. Just remember to wax it every couple years in order to keep it weather proof.

Oh yeah, did I mention this timeless piece is Jame's Bond approved?