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Top 5 Compound Lifting Movements

Burpee (honorable mention)

Ok, yes, this is a simple bodyweight exercise but it's also the LARGEST movement you can possibly due based on your center of gravity. Try to think of a larger movement that moves your belly button further. This movement takes your center of gravity from floor to up in the air. Great movement to mix into a circuit to keep that heart rate up.

5) Muscle up

Though honestly I am not yet able to do this full movement, it is a true expression of badassery. The ability to not only do a pull up, but pull yourself up with such force that you launch yourself above the bar. Great explosive movement to build fast twitch muscles.

4) Deadlift

Yes we all know this one. The, "Who can lift the most fucking weight?" exercise. This exercise is amazing though and requires an incredible amount of muscle groups to do properly. When done properly, this exercise can boost your testosterone levels, build your overall strength, and allow you a chance to move some serious weight.

3) Front Squat

I put this exercise above the deadlift because it requires a larger range of motion. The front squat is an incredible exercise to build core strength as well as lower body strength in a safer lift than the back squat. This lift also prepares you for our number 1 compound lift on the list...

2) Clean and Jerk

Similar to the burpee, this is the ultimate in bar range of motion. From the floor to over your head. Doesn't get much more compound than that as the muscle groups involved are vast. Definitely a solid lift to get into your lifting sessions.

1) Power Clean

Yes. The power clean. To any lifter, it should be obvious that the power clean is the king of compound lifts. Now some may put the clean and jerk above the power clean, but the reason I don't is because when you do a clean and jerk the clean is done with much less weight as the jerk is a lighter lift than the clean. So the combination of weight, acceleration, and force makes the power clean our number 1.