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Top 5 Heaviest Deadlifts of All Time

Since the dawn of time man has been testing it's strength, none so definitely as the deadlift. The act of merely lifting as much weight as physically possible off the floor. And as Jon Pall Sigmarsson said, "There is no reason to be alive if you can't do deadlift!" So let's figure out who the biggest badass is...

Coming in at number 5... The AMERICAN! Brian Shaw with 1,022lb (463.5kg). This guy kicks off our list with a smile on his face.

Coming in at number 4... Jerry Pritchett with a solid weight of 1,031lb (467.5kg) that the man held after the lift as though he was holding a paperclip.

Coming in at number 3... The fucking MOUNTAIN from GOT (Game of Thrones)... Hafthor Bjornsson with a weight of 1,041lb (472kg). This main doesn't just play a monster on TV, he is a monster. Hafthor is the reigning worlds strongest man and the epitome of confidence. The scariest part about Hafthor is that he picked this weight up in one smooth motion... He didn't even struggle... He just stood up.

Coming in at number 2... AND number 1...Eddie Hall. Eddie set the world record multiple times throughout his career and the best part about it...he had the world record already when he smashed his own record by Xlbs.... Eddie decided to play nice with the other kids when he deadlifted 1,019lbs (462kg), then 1,021lbs (463kg), then 1,026lbs (465kg), all on separate occasions. Then, Eddie watched Hafthor set a record at 1141lbs, and said, "Hold my beer." Eddie beat Hafthor's record by 1lbs... with a deadlift of 1,042lbs (472.5kg). Then Eddie went on to a, "let's end this shit", mentality and set the current world record deadlift at a monstrous 1,102.31lbs (500kg).

Ok, so there are a lot of conflicting records out there, so let's put the records straight...literally...the record. If you think I've made a mistake on this list, then comment on the post with proof and we will update the list. Our primary source for this article was: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpbl8DD_gys