• Benny the Jet

Top 5 Mustaches of the 21st century

A mustache is nothing to sneeze at. Much like a wand in Harry Potter, it is a powerful tool in the right hands. For it isn't necessarily what someone looks like with a mustache, but the confidence of the man wearing it that allows him to pull it off. Traditionally it is considered an old man's game. But once a year, men of all ages try their lip rug (mustache) out in order to promote awareness for men's health. The month of November has officially been dubbed "Movember," and the Movember Foundation (https://us.movember.com/) has teamed up with people across the country in an effort to stop men from dying too young. So in order to help the cause, we thought we would shed some light on what we believe are the Top 5 most noteworthy mustaches of the 21st century.

5. Nick Offerman

When You think of a man's man, you think of Ron Swanson, aka Duke Silver from the show Parks and Rec. Well turns out Nick Offerman has a lot more to offer than just that character, but nothing more valuable than this face furniture (mustache).

4. Steve Harvey

Steve is not only the host of a personal favorite show of mine, Family Feud, but he is also a quite the sex symbol for all the middle aged-senior citizen that watch it. Don't believe me? Watch the way the women's eyes light up when he talks to them during a show. How else do you think he has landed 3 wives? Imagine the stuff that flavor savor (mustache) has seen.

3. Burt Reynolds

Burt Reynolds is as American as they come. Most famous for his role as Bandit in the movie "Smokey and the Bandit," could do it all. He lived one hell of a life and wore one hell of a dirt squirrel (mustache).

2. Tom Selleck

Tom Selleck has had a mustache so long that my mother can't even remember a time when he didn't. Hey, I would too if mine came in like that. Well groomed and confident as can be, that lip toupee (mustache) looks almost too good to be true... Almost.

1. Ron Burgundy

I don't know if you know this, but he's kind of a big deal... It's no wonder why with a muzzy (mustache) like that.

So whatever your mustache looks like, wear it with pride for this and every Movember! Don't forget to help out our friends at the Movember Foundation.

Check out their Page and their cause! https://us.movember.com/