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Top 5 strongest people...in Disney Princess Movies

So I've got a 4 year old daughter and after watching all the Disney princess movies about 100 times I started trying to find the strongest people in each of the movies... Here's what I got:

Coming in at number 5... Tarzan. This dude swings from the trees, and actually fought a full grown gorilla and jaguar.

Coming in at number 4...Gaston from Beauty and the Beast. Obviously one of Disney's trademark strong guys so not surprise here. Though self proclaimed, this man is roughly the size of a barge.

Coming in at number 3...The Beast from Beauty and the Beast. Well this one is easy...the guys a BEAST. Not only did he fight Gaston, he also fought off a pack of wolves single handedly

Coming in at number 2...Hercules. Yes Hercules came in second. Dudes a boss but can't give him number 1 since he isn't a normal person, he's a demigod.

Coming in at number 1... Chien Fucking Po from Mulan. This MF'er actually lifted a whole group of guys, and a fucking horse while standing in the snow. And look here how he just picks up Yao like a small baby...