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Top 5 supplements for losing weight

Yep, I'm on that journey to find my 6 pack again. I bulked up big time in the winter to build up muscle and now it's time to chisel away at the fat and unveil the muscle I built. Here are some of the supplements I'm taking to help me

Isopure whey protein

You're probably saying, "Wait isn't whey protein for gaining weight?" The answer is, yes whey protein is used to gain weight, but it's also used to lose weight. Whey protein can be a great meal replacement when you're feeling hungry and just need something to get you to the next meal. Also whey protein will help you maintain the muscle while losing the fat. Looking good isn't just about being skinny, it's about having a great ratio of muscle to fat so that your muscles look defined and strong (even you ladies), and your fat doesn't cover those muscles. Just remember your body can only absorb about 25-30g of whey protein every 3 hours so make sure you're not eating too much or you'll end up gaining weight instead.

Green tea extract

You've probably heard this one before, but yes green tea extract can help you burn fat as well as increase overall metabolism. Green tea is actually one of the only supplements linked to targeted belly fat reduction to really help you show those abs. Just a little green tea extract in a morning smoothy is a good way to sneak this supplement in.

MCT oil

Now here's one you've probably never heard of. MCT oil is basically emulsified coconut oil. This oil helps you make sure you are putting good fats in your body which help increase your overall metabolism and burn more fat. Best to take this oil in the morning so that your body starts its day with some good fats and over time adapts to store less fat as it becomes routine to consume healthy fats every morning.


This might be a surprising one on the list, but it's very important. When you're dieting it's often hard to sleep since you might be going to bed hungry. Sleep is important to losing weight and life in general so we gotta get in those hours. Melatonin will help you sleep despite the hunger.


Yep you guessed this one, coffee. Caffeine is a stimulant that will boost your metabolism, help you ward off hunger, and also help your mind stay sharp while dieting. You're probably doing this anyway so great, you're off t o a good start!

Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor, so this is all just my opinion. You should consult a doctor before trying anything I talk about here.