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Yoga for Bodybuilding

Ya you heard me right. Yoga, that peace, calm, flowers thing. It works for body building, and here are 3 reasons why it works.

1. Blood flow

In order for your body to properly recover from weight lifting, you need to get blood into the muscles that you just worked. A tight muscle is one that won't allow blood to flow into it. You need to open up those muscles, and get the blood flowing in, for the muscle to grow.

2. Flexibility

How's the disc you herniated doing deadlift? Ya almost all of us lifter have fucked up and tried the straight bar deadlift with a few to many plates. Yoga not only helps realign that disc, but it will help prevent that disc from slipping out next time. With all the twisting and hamstring stretching involved with yoga, you will be far better suited to pull 405 next time your buddies challenge you.

3. Balance

When was the last time you power cleaned and ended up stumbling backwards as the bar went up? Yoga forces you to balance a tremendous amount. Ya, you'll be stumbling in the yoga court...field...studio...whatever they call it, but you'll quickly strengthen those muscles that help you balance. And balance is crucial to that smooth clean you're going for.

Yes. You will look like an idiot the first time you go. So pick a medium level class, not an easy on or you'll end up with a bunch of old ladies. Grab a mat. And go plant your ass in the back of the room and begin dreaming of that new heavy ass deadlift you're going to do.